Ceramic Insulation Paints & Coatings For Heat Reduction

The Most Effective Thermal Ceramic Insulation Paints And Coatings For Heat Reduction

Choosing the best insulation paints or coatings for your application can provide years of carefree energy savings and avoids many problems associated with traditional fiberglass insulation.  Unlike fiberglass, our ceramic insulation coatings won’t compact, lose effectiveness over time, absorb humidity, and are mold/mildew resistant. They can also be over coated to protect them from impact or abuse.

You can apply our thermal coatings to irregularly shaped surfaces such as tanks, manifolds, valves, and joints.  Use them to insulate HVAC units, ducts, steam pipes, metal roofs, refrigeration/trucks, shipping containers, or on any hot surface.

They are ideal for tight spaces and can be used to enhance the performance of new products as well as a variety of specialized industrial applications up to 1,112° F.  If you are looking for effective heat reduction or retention, we have a solution.

HSC Coating On Pipe

“The application went well and the [Super Therm] insulation looks good.  We are happy with the result.”

Mark Crowe

Staff Chief Engineer, Holland America Line, WA


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  • HPC™ Coating – With its 7 non-conductive ceramic compounds, HPC™ insulation coating is the ideal solution for coating surfaces exposed to extreme, sustained heat (up to 1,112° F with HPC HT Primer/Coating).  You can apply it directly to a hot surface, pipe, boiler, furnace, etc. without the need for shutdown.  It can also coat and protect areas that are difficult to access such as elbows, valves, and joints.  This can be problematic with much thicker fiberglass insulation.  More…
  • HSC™ Coating – Offers a “green”, non-flammable, non-toxic solution for blocking heat transfer on a surface up to 350°F.  HSC™ insulation coating can be applied to a variety of surfaces such as metal, concrete, wood, and other substrates.  You can also use it on walls or under roofs for additional insulation protection.  Unlike Fiberglass, HSC™ does not absorb moisture or lose insulation value over time.  HSC Coating can be applied with a brush, roller, or sprayer.  More…
  • Super Therm® – With its combination of 4 unique ceramic compounds, Super Therm® can effectively block heat load to virtually any surface in a coating only 10 mils (1/100 inch) thick.  It is resistant to water, mold, mildew, fire (Class A fire rating) and is certified environmentally safe by MBD LLC.   Super Therm is not just an insulating paint.  It’s an ideal ENERGY STAR qualified 20 year white roof/cool roof coating.  It can be used to reduce condensation as well.  More…

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