Zero Clearance Thermal Wall Insulation

Zero Clearance Thermal Wall Insulation: Interior Wall Insulative Coating

In order to add insulation value to an existing building or structure, we formulated a solution that enhances existing insulation and provides protection in un-insulated environments.  Zero Clearance Thermal Wall Insulation takes up virtually no space– approximately 100 mils (1/10 of an inch), and is effective in climates with both hot summers and cold winters.  This system utilizes a blend of our most effective ceramic coatings.

These coatings complement each other to block heat transfer to the interior during the summer, and retain heat within the interior during the winter months.  Zero Clearance Thermal Wall Insulation can be applied directly onto an existing interior wall or ceiling surfaces.  It can be tinted or painted over with no loss of effectiveness.  Zero Clearance Thermal Wall Insulation is an excellent solution for added insulation protection where there are space limitations.


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