About Us

Real energy savings, sustainability, and durability…

Our environmentally-friendly line of protective coatings will not only reduce energy costs, but will also help to realize a greener and more sustainable environment.

We strive to deliver proven, advanced technology solutions to our clients, offering value through:

  • Greater Energy Efficiency
  • Healthier Work Environments
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs

Many of our solutions can contribute towards your LEED objectives as well.

In addition to providing on location coating applications services to clients in the New York City area, we work with contracting companies, engineers, architects, builders, roofers, and other professionals.  We also service manufacturers in various industries who are interested in enhancing the performance and durability of their own products.

We are authorized distributors for Superior Products International II (ISO 9001:2008 Certified).  They have been an innovative specialty coating manufacturer based in the US for over 20 years.  We help our clients reach their goals and solve difficult problems with some of the most effective products on the market.

For more information about our products and services, or to schedule a consultation, Call 917-836-7816, or email us at: info@SuperiorCoatingSolutions.com.

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