Anti-Condensation Thermal Wrap

Anti-Condensation Thermal Wrap: Extreme Condensation Prevention

Trying to stop heavy condensation can often be a real challenge.  Condensation or sweating on cold water pipes, commercial chillers, HVAC units, or any cold surface in locations with high heat and humidity can also cause significant problems.  When traditional insulation such as fiberglass is used in this type of environment, it inevitably fails within 1-3 years.

When fiberglass is exposed to as little as 1.5% humidity, it can lose 1/3 of its effectiveness.  At higher levels of humidity, fiberglass is not only rendered useless as insulation, but it promotes rusting and an ideal breeding ground for toxic mold.

Anti-Condensation Thermal Wrap

So what is the best way to stop serious condensation problems?  Our anti-condensation wrap is a unique multi-layered solution for these extreme condensation situations.  Using a proprietary combination of our most effective ceramic coatings and a high density mold resistant foam insulation buffer, this wrap system effectively blocks and repels heat, preventing it from reaching a cold surface.

Applied directly to a pipe, window frame, or against a refrigerated surface, it prevents condensation in the most extreme conditions.  When applied to hot/cold convector pipes, our thermal wrap also provides insulation protection in winter months.

As our insulative coatings are water, mold, and mildew resistant, in addition to being environmentally friendly (low VOC), they eliminate the problems of traditional insulation and can have an effective life of at least 10 years.

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