Rust Grip®

Rust Grip®: Our Best 15+ Year Rust Prevention and Corrosion Encapsulating Paint

Rust-Grip-Corrosion Paint on-Parkway-Overpass-Support-Beam

What is the best way to stop and prevent corrosion on structural steel or metal?  Are you looking for the best industrial grade anti rust paint?  Rust Grip® coating seals, encapsulates rust on any metal or steel surface, and protects it longer than anything on the market.  You can paint over rust or over new metal.

For stopping and preventing rust, it’s the perfect long-term solution for a wide range of interior and exterior industrial coating applications.

As a three-coats-in-one system, Rust Grip® acts as a primer, intermediate coat, and top coat that strengthens surfaces to 6,780 psi when fully cured (concrete is 3500 psi by comparison).  There’s no need for any additional coatings.

  • While Rust Grip® is used on oil rigs, ships, bridges, and other large metal or steel structures, you can use it over any minimally prepped rusted metal.  No white sandblasting is required.  It’s a great choice for protecting new metal products as well.
  • Use it as a rust inhibitor for: structural steel, I-beams, metal roofs, shipping containers, tanks, cooling towers, water towers, carports, fire escapes, wrought iron fencing, steel railings, pipes, truck frames, heavy machinery, manufacturing equipment, flashings, HVAC units, farm equipment, grain bins, quonset huts, worn galvanized steel, galvalume, and more…
  • Rust Grip®  is rated at 15,000 hours on the ASTM B117 salt spray test  using a coat of only 6 mils (6/1,000 inch) thick.  (With a perfect 10 score).  This far exceeds marine specifications.  Most competitors are rated at only 2,000-3,000 hours!


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  • It provides superior corrosion protection under the harshest conditions such as in salt air, coastal, and marine environments.
  • As a 1-part, one-coating system, Rust Grip® can dramatically cut labor, product, and clean up costs, as well as the time required to complete a project.  It is much more cost effective than multi-coating systems, especially when sandblasting is required.
  • Rust Grip® is not a sacrificial rust inhibitor like a zinc enriched primer that will wear out over time; it’s a permanent rust proofing solution.  You can use it as a substitute for a zinc-rich primers or galvanizing.  It can also be top coated when a specific color is desired.


Rust Grip And Enamo Grip On Fire Escape It’s also available in a water-repelling epoxy formulation (Rust Grip-E) that’s designed for surfaces that will be exposed to full submersion.   Rust Grip on Gadsen Truss Bridge We are authorized distributors for Rust Grip® and ship it throughout the US.

For long-term protection, Rust Grip® is the ideal anti corrosion, encapsulating, rust prevention paint for any industrial or commercial project.

Don’t just take our word for it. In a recent study conducted by the US Army Corps of Engineers (SSPC Paint 41), none of the coatings in their test group performed at the same level as Rust Grip® in exceeding and passing their test requirements.

Click here to see their test results and to see the other coatings that were evaluated. Coatings from Sherwin Williams and Wasser were included.

Rust Grip And Enamo Grip Paint on Structural Steel Beam

Before, after Rust Grip® application, followed with Enamo Grip Top Coat.  As Rust Grip contains aluminum, it has a light grey matte finish.  It doesn’t require a top coat but one can be applied if a specific color is desired.

“We have been very pleased since discovering Rust Grip and implementing its use in our processes. Our company markets to a broad customer base, ranging from commercial structures and miscellaneous steel to industrial work. We have been able to save our customers a lot of money by increasing efficiency through the usage of Rust Grip and by reducing the amount of galvanized and stainless steel used. We have also been very impressed with the durability and aesthetics.  Our customers love it!”

Mark Farmer

Managing Member, SteelTech Industries, PA

“Warren County PennDOT is very pleased with the performance of Rust Grip with our numerous projects throughout the spring and fall.  Not only were we satisfied with the product, but the customer service and price was unbeatable.  Looking forward to ordering more Rust Grip next spring!”

Edward Dorunda

Project Manager, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, PA

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Rust Grip® Benefits

    • Excellent for minimally prepared surfaces.  No white sandblasting is required.
    • Protects steel, aluminum, concrete, wood, fiberglass, and other coatings.
    • Withstands temperature up to 300°F.
    • For temperatures up to 400°F, or for metal that will be buried, submerged, or exposed to constant moisture, Rust Grip-E, a 2-part water-repelling epoxy formulation is available.
    • Can be applied over flash or surface rust without loss of adhesion or reduced performance.  Can be applied over existing paint. (non-glossy, solidly bonded)
    • Tested and scored a perfect 10 for: ASTM B 117 (corrosion) 15,000 hour salt spray test, ASTM D 714 (blistering), and ASTM D 610 (rusting) using a coat just 6 mils (6/1,000) inch thick.
    • Exceptional adhesion: ASTM 5B rating.
    • Surface tensile strength of 6780 psi after 21 days.
    • Very low moisture permeability of .22 perms
    • Exposure to 100% nitric acid without any effects.  Designed to withstand acids, salts and caustics with no loss of strength.
    • Certified by the EPA for encapsulation/abatement of lead-based paints and asbestos. Prooven to penetrate of 18 layers of existing lead-based paint (ASTM E-1795) patent# 5,695,812.
    • Endures 29,700 rub cycles without exposing existing lead based paint.
    • Rated as a Class A fire coating. In case of fire, Rust Grip will help to prevent spread of, and will not contribute to, the burn.
    • Prevents mold and mildew from forming.
    • USDA approved for use in and around food preparation areas.
    • 15+ year lifespan as an exterior coating under normal conditions.

“We used Rust Grip to treat the frame rails on a triaxle dump truck we are rebuilding.  There was a substantial amount of rust between the frame rails that required we remove the rails.  After cleaning the rails we treated them with Rust Grip according to the directions.  It was very easy to apply and when it dried, it was extremely hard and durable.  It completely encapsulated the rust and was smooth to the touch.   I would definitely use it again in the future and have recommended it to several other businesses.”

Norb Dotzel

Owner, Dotzel Trucking & Topsoil, PA

Rust Grip® Uses

In its design, Rust Grip® when applied over metal, it immediately find the pores of the surface and immediately fill them.  Within an hour of application, Rust Grip® begins to cure, pulling moisture from the air and microscopically penetrating and swelling into the individual pores of the substrate as it hardens. This process anchors the coating and seals against any possibility of air, moisture, or any minerals attacking the surface causing any further corrosion or oxidation of any kind.

    • While Rust Grip® has been used on oil rigs, bridges and other large structures, you can use it over any minimally prepped rusted surface including railings, fire escapes, gates, I-beams, structural steel,  towers, galvalume, pipes, flashings, truck frame rails, metal roofs, storage containers, or heavy machinery.
    • Especially effective for applications in hostile conditions such as marine environments.
    • Rust Grip® is easy to use; its a 1-part coating so there is less waste and no additional coatings such as primers or top coats are necessary.  It is also UV resistant.
    • Protection from acid splash or pooling.  It will not allow mild acids to penetrate to affect the surface.
    • Overcoat rusted areas to stop and control corrosion.  Rust Grip will seal out any contact with moisture and air or chemical pollutants that cause corrosion and deterioration.
    • Patented to encapsulate and safely seal asbestos, lead-based paints, or other hazardous materials (ASTM E-1795) patent# 5,695,812.

Rust Grip® vs Surface Coating/Galvanized Metal

With solvent carriers that allow it to penetrate deep into the pores of surfaces, Rust Grip® outperforms typical surface coatings.  Traditional coatings adhere to roughness on the surface layers and are susceptible to wearing over time.  Oxidation and acid rain can enter and begin corrosion, even though the surface coating remains intact.

After it penetrates, Rust Grip® draws moisture from the atmosphere which reacts with the active ingredients of the base component.  This results in a gassing effect of the molecules and expands them swelling into all the pores to block out air, gasses, and moisture and to encapsulate the surface.  The surface cannot breathe, cannot get moisture, and cannot oxidize again.

When other corrosion coatings are applied to surfaces after a completed white metal blast, corrosion redevelops after only 6 months to 2 years under the coating film, causing bubbles on the surface from the corrosion off-gassing.

Rust Grip® has been tested with many state D.O.T.’s nationwide to prove penetration over existing red lead and encapsulation.  The existing red lead had a 100 psi pull test.  After encapsulation with Rust Grip®, the pull test was 580psi on the same surface.  No other coating in the market has shown these results in either laboratory testing or actual field testing with state D.O.T.’s.  Rust Grip® does not require a topcoat and, therefore, can be a single-coat system, saving up to 60% on coating bridges for state D.O.T.’s.

Galvanized metal and re-galvanized metal has been hot pressure treated with zinc oils.  Galvanization doesn’t anchor itself inside the pores, but stays on the surface.  Therefore, galvanized metal lacks the strength and durability of Rust Grip® and can start to re-corrode in as little as 2 years.  In hot climates (as per US Government Reports), the galvanized metal will crack, peel and deteriorate quickly.

A surface coated with Rust Grip® is strong and resilient.  It is a durable coating that offers long life in extreme conditions, outperforming galvanized surfaces.  It’s designed to last 15 years or more in the toughest environments without a topcoat.

Rust Grip® FAQ

1. What surfaces can Rust Grip® be applied to?
RUST GRIP® can be applied to aged or new steel or aluminum, concrete, wood, and rusty or corroded steel and aluminum
2. How is Rust Grip® sold?
5 gallon pail and 1 gallon cans
3. Can Rust Grip® withstand chemicals?
Rust Grip® has been tested against 1,500 different chemicals and is only unsuitable for continuous immersion in ammonia and urea derivates.
4. What’s the difference between Rust Grip® and a rust converter?
Rust Grip® works by penetrating through and rust, encapsulating it and preventing further expansion.  Rust converters work by chemically changing the rust into a benign form which only lasts for a few months and must be overcoated.
5. What precautions do I need to take when working with Rust Grip®?

Practice standard safety precautions when working with Rust Grip®, including protective clothing. Rust Grip® will adhere to and cure on skin. Rust Grip® is USDA-approved (with original 1992 approval letter) and safe, but it will wear on skin for several weeks before being sloughed off with normal skin renewal.
Because Rust Grip® works rapidly, do not leave a container open to the air for longer than 4 hours, or Rust Grip® will draw in the ambient humidity and begin to cure. Use caution when resealing the container, as any Rust Grip® on the seal track of the lid or container may cause the two surfaces to seal. A brush or roller used to apply Rust Grip® cannot be cleaned.

6. How do I clean off Rust Grip®?
As long as it is immediately cleaned after it is applied, Rust Grip® can be removed with xylene or MEK. There is no way to remove Rust Grip® when it has set. Brushes and rollers must be thrown away. Flush spray machine, hoses and gun with solvents to clean out. When breaking for lunch, seal off Rust Grip® container, run solvent through the machine and hoses and leave gun submerged in solvent pail.

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