SP Liquid Membrane

SP Liquid Membrane: Tough and Flexible Waterproof Protection


SP Liquid Membrane for ponding waterSP Liquid Membrane is a tough, one-part elastomeric polyurethane coating loaded with a ceramic pigment for strength.  Upon curing, it provides a protective waterproof coating film with superior adhesion and flexibility, and is resistant to abrasion and impact.

SP Liquid Membrane can be used as a primer, as a one-coat system, or as a top coat to seal Super Therm from ponding water.  It can also be used to top coat our other water-based insulation coatings such as HSC or HPC Coating when moisture, water splash, or flooding is a concern.  As a waterproof protective coating, it can be applied over pressure-washed substrates of TPO, EPDM, PVC, wood, concrete, or metal.

SP Liquid Membrane Uses & Benefits

  • As a protective coating on metal, concrete, wood, etc. to add water resistance and longevity.
  • As a one-coat system on new or existing roofs, and other commercial/industrial surfaces, with minimal surface preparation.
  • As a moisture protective membrane to stop moisture penetration, and to seal out contaminants, mold, and mildew.
  • Top coat over HPC and HSC to protect them from weathering, constant exposure to water, moisture, or submersion.

SP Liquid Membrane Documentation

For the most updated SP Liquid Membrane Tech Data Sheet, Application Instructions, and SDS Sheet, please contact us. 

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