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Specialty Coating Contracting & Services: Experience, Reliability, Performance.

For all customers throughout the US, we provide complimentary consulting services to make sure that you get the right coatings for your specific project.  Whether your needs are straightforward, complex, or if there are unique circumstances, we’ve got you covered.  If you have your own contractors or applicators, we are happy to guide them so that you get the best results.  We also provide guidance for any testing so that you can evaluate for yourself how our coatings work for you in the real world.

When it comes to your project, we are committed to excellence in providing you with the performance that you demand.  From initial consultation through completed project, your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Our associate subcontractors bring extensive expertise in finding solutions to tackle the most challenging coating and contracting problems.  In addition to providing coating services and solutions for corrosion control, insulation, waterproofing, condensation control, and mold remediation, they also specialize in restoration and general contracting services.  So, whether you want to protect, renovate, or repair, there is an ideal solution available for you.

Corrosion Protection: Fire Escapes, Structural Beams/Decks, Boats/Marine, Wrought Iron

Insulation/Condensation Control: Pipes, Boilers, Roofs, Refrigeration, Containers

Waterproofing: Concrete, Roofs, Floors

We are committed to quality craftsmanship, professionalism, and building long-lasting relationships with our customers.  Call Us at 917-836-7816, or email us at: info@SuperiorCoatingSolutions.com for more information about how we can help make your next project a success.


“I want to thank you for all the support I have received from you.  I live on the Gulf Coast on water front property.  I built this house in 2002 and put a metal standing seam roof in it which I thought would last 30 years.  The bottom edges were rusting badly by 2014.  I found out about Rust Grip online and contacted you.   A year and a half later it still looks like the day I put it on. The best money I ever spent.  I would highly recommend Rust Grip to anyone with a rust problem.  Thanks again, Mike Cooper”

Mike Cooper

Port Arthur, TX

“Just wanted to let you know that the Super Therm coating is 100% successful.  The outdoor temperature has been around 80 to 84 degrees and I am working in the workshop in complete comfort without any Air conditioning!!  Thank you for all your help in making sure it was applied correctly, and you can be sure I am letting everyone know what a great product you have.  All the best, Brian.”

Brian Webb

Port St. Luci, FL


Coating Projects And Case Studies

Empire Stores Historic Preservation and Redevelopment Project (Rust Grip)


Empire Stores is an award-winning mixed use redevelopment of a 450,000 SF vacant 19th century waterfront warehouse located in Brooklyn, New York.  This conversion brought contemporary office space, retail, food courts, public spaces, and exhibition galleries to the neighborhood.  It is also home to the Brooklyn Historical Society. As part of the project, the architects wanted to restore and preserve as much of the original building as possible.  This included hundreds of the original large metal shutters, doors, facades, and ironwork, some of which was over 150 years old.  The original pieces were carefully removed, cleaned, repaired, and in some cases, replaced.  The metal was first coated with Rust Grip to encapsulate existing rust and provide long-term corrosion protection.  Rust Grip was then top coated to create a darker contemporary finish.



Super Therm Test Application Over Air Intakes

In the following pictures, a large manufacturing company recently tested what the thermal reduction in temperature would be on some rooftop air intakes if Super Therm was applied to them.  In this test, an intake was simply power washed and had Super Therm applied.  Then the difference in temperature from an adjacent uncoated air intake was taken. The difference was dramatic!  The uncoated intake read 160.9°F and the intake coated with Super Therm was 90.2°F.   Thats a 70.7°F difference! 

And here are the infrared thermal images showing the significant reduction in heat when Super Therm is applied.

This shows how using Super Therm can be a very cost effective, simple, and long-term solution to significantly reduce energy costs.  For clean painted surfaces where there is no rust, Super Therm can easily brushed, rolled or sprayed directly over the surface for immediate results.  If rust is present, simply spot prime with Rust Grip before applying Super Therm.


Rust Grip Application On A Metal Boat

Rust Grip is also a great all-around general maintenance coating for interior and exterior marine applications.  It can be easily applied with a brush, roller, or sprayer and as a 1-part, 1 coating system, you won’t need any other coatings.  You can use it to encapsulate rust, or over firmly bonded paint on just about any metal surface in coastal areas where there is high exposure to salt.  In this application, Rust Grip was used to refinish and protect the floors, walls, doors, and decks of a metal boat.


Unique Home Insulated Exclusively With Super Therm!

This one of a kind “green” environmentally friendly home was actually constructed entirely out of steel shipping containers and is located in Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York.  It has been highlighted tin the Guide to Contemporary New York City Architecture by John Hill.  The residents live here ear round and rely on Super Therm on both the inside and outside of their home as their only source of insulation to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  A true testimonial as to the insulation benefits of Super Therm!

Condensation And Corrosion

When chilled pipes are covered with traditional fiberglass insulation, by the time condensation develops on the outside, the insulation has been thoroughly soaked on the inside and acts like a “wet sponge” covering the pipes.  This causes multiple problems.  First of all, this creates the perfect environment for toxic mold to grow, creating serious potential health issues for anyone in the area.  Secondly, this constant exposure to moisture can create severe corrosion that shortens the useful life of the pipes (Corrosion Under Insulation – CUI).  Finally, once fiberglass insulation gets wet, it loses virtually all of its insulative value.  This can happen in a relatively short time, in as little as 2-3 years as was the case with the fiberglass insulation below.

When the failed fiberglass insulation is removed, you can see what the “wet sponge” effect has on the pipes.  This is the primary cause of corrosion under insulation.


This is a perfect job for Rust Grip.  After removing pack rust and scale along with some minimal prep; scraping off loose debris and wiping off any residue, 2 coats of Rust Grip are applied.  This will stop corrosion in its tracks.  Rust Grip locks deep into the pores of any rusted surface, completely blocks any air an moisture from reaching it, and then dries to a hardness of 6780 psi (twice as hard as concrete).  Without oxygen and moisture, corrosion cannot continue and the result is a dramatic increase in the life expectancy of any corroded pipes.  Rust Grip can effectively postpone the exorbitant cost and inconvenience of replacement for years to come.

After the Rust Grip application, the pipes are ready for our Anti-Condensation Thermal Pipe Wrap.  This wrap creates an airtight seal, is mold and mildew resistant, and doesn’t absorb moisture like fiberglass.  By using our ceramic-based insulation coatings that effectively reflect an block heat transfer to the cold pipes that cause condensation, our wrap provides many years of carefree performance.  It is far more effective than traditional fiberglass.

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