Rust Grip® Mesh Patch Demo

Patch holes in metal and reinforce/strengthen compromised steel using Rust Grip® and polyurethane mesh. Hardens to 6,780 psi.

Rust Grip® High Impact Drop Test

Shows the impact resistance of Rust Grip® applied to a thick metal plate when a heavy pointed metal pipe is dropped on it.

Super Therm® Denver ECAP White Building Test

Super Therm® insulated building on the left showed 26% better energy efficiency than white paint.

HPC Hot Pipe Coating
HPC Hot Pipe Coating Application: How to reduce the exterior of a hot pipe at Russian petrochemcial plant by more then 700°F

Super Therm® Ceramic Heat Reflective Coating

Emissivity and how the unique ceramics in Super Therm® effectively block heat load. Torch test demo.

Super Therm®: NJ Shingle Roof Application

Super Therm® reduces the exterior roof temperature by more than 70°F. Insulated interior living space drops by 6-10°F.

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