Lining Kote

Lining Kote: Our Strongest Acid Resistant Paint For Metal And Concrete


Tank Coating - acid - chemical resistance - Lining KoteProtect your assets against the harshest acids, bases, chemicals, and solvents with Lining Kote.  Lining Kote is a two-part high solid epoxy paint that’s both durable and flexible.  It is our strongest acid resistant paint for use in highly corrosive areas.

  • Lining Kote is ideal for petrochemical plants, chemical storage, tank interiors, structural steel exposed to chemical or acid splash, leaks, fumes, and more.  It can be used when PH values range from 1-14.
  • It has outstanding adhesion and strength that withstands direct impact, and is resistant to water, humidity, chemical compositions, and temperatures up to 275°F (135°C).
  • Lining Kote is made with a high molecular weight base for strength and durability and can be applied with a brush, roller, or sprayer.

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Lining Kote Benefits

  • Ultimate Protection – Provides unmatched protection against a broad range of concentrations of acids, bases, chemicals and solvents.
  • Heat Resistant – Withstands high temperatures of up to 275° F (135° C).
  • Easy to Apply – Applies over damp surfaces with no loss of adhesion.
  • Tintable – Add color without compromising Lining Kote’s finish or protection.

Lining Kote Uses

  • Ultimate corrosion protection against constant exposure to most solvents, acids, bases, and other corrosive chemicals.
  • Specifically designed for interior use.  Apply to indoor metal surfaces that are exposed to constant water pooling, or chemical splash, and containment.
  • Flooring corrosion protection, as Lining-Kote is tough enough to withstand foot traffic.
  • On concrete or on steel tanks to protect from deterioration, wear, or exposure to highly corrosive environments.


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Lining Kote Documentation

Lining Kote Acid/Chemical Resistance Chart For the most updated Lining Kote Tech Data Sheet, Application Instructions, and SDS Sheet, please contact us. 

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