A Guide to Our LEED Benefits and Contributions


The LEED Green Building Rating System (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) has become a de facto global standard for sustainable buildings. Emphasizing environmental responsibility, wellness, and energy efficiency, this certification system applies to all of the main aspects of green buildings: design, construction, and operation.

At Superior Coating Solutions, we fully embrace this standard. Our products are can provide our customers LEED credits across four of the five environmental categories, plus Innovation in Design, due to our use of Cradle-to-Cradle materials. The table below shows the primary benefits of our products, how they relate to the various LEED Credit Categories, and the actual LEED Points that can be achieved through their usage. Customers who utilize Superior Coating Solutions’ products gain significant contributions to their LEED rating totals, enhancing the likelihood of attaining Gold or even Platinum certification.


LEED Benefits Without the Compromise in Performance

Often, using a product with strong LEED-related benefits means that the customer must accept a compromise in product performance. Needless to say, the vendors of these products are reluctant to point out this trade-off that accompanies their LEED ratings. At Superior Coating Solutions, our products provide industry-leading performance while also delivering substantial LEED contributions. Our products excel in such areas as aesthetics and durability, while also reducing costs related to energy usage, heat consumption, and mold/mildew control. This exceptional performance, combined with the breadth of LEED advantages referenced above, is what truly distinguishes the products of Superior Coating Solutions from those of other vendors in the industry.

*Denotes Environmental LEED Credit Categories

For more specific details on the LEED certification system, please go to http://www.usgbc.org/

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