Metal Coatings: Strongest Rust And Corrosion Protection

The Longest Lasting Industrial Paint For Rusted Metal And Structural Steel


Are you looking for the best industrial paint to protect rusted metal or steel?  By using the right coatings to prevent rust and corrosion, you can significantly extend the useful life of your assets.  In some cases where the integrity of the metal has been compromised, our anti rust coatings can be applied direct to metal (DTM), bond to, and strengthen, rusted surfaces and inhibit corrosion for many years.  They can be used for a wide range of interior and exterior industrial applications.

Our long-life industrial coatings are also cost effective and time saving alternatives to galvanizing and they can be applied directly over rust to encapsulate it.  You can use them to protect new manufactured products, industrial equipment, machinery, structural steel, I-beams, tanks, railings, from corrosion/exposure to salts, salt air, or salt water.  They are also ideal for restoring older rusted metal surfaces such as fire escapes, truck frame rails, iron gates, metal roofs, HVAC units, pipes or any worn galvanized steel.

Rust Grip Coating on Parkway Overpass Support Beam
Rusted Pipe - Before Rust Grip Application
Rust Grip Encapsulation Paint over Rusted Pipe - After
Rust Grip and Enamo Grip Coatings Application on Fire Escape


  • Superior rust inhibition and protection: 15+ years corrosion resistance in harsh environments.
  • Versatile applications:  Can be applied over new steel, rusted metal, iron, aluminum, galvanized metal, and firmly bonded commercial paint.
  • Easy application and maintenance: Can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed on.  No special equipment required.
  • Chemical and acid resistance:  Protection from chemical/acid vapors, direct contact, and harsh washdown/cleaning products.
  • Cost effective:  Longer lasting protection reduces maintenance frequency and labor and replacement costs.
  • Customized solutions:  We can provide different options depending on exposures, condition of the metal, and specific requirements of your project.  Topcoats can be customized to match any exact color specification or finish.

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“Warren County PennDOT is very pleased with the performance of Rust Grip with our numerous projects throughout the spring and fall.   Not only were we satisfied with the product, but the customer service and price was unbeatable.  Looking forward to ordering more Rust Grip next spring!”
Edward Dorunda

Project Manager, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, PA

“We used Rust Grip to treat the frame rails on a triaxle dump truck we are rebuilding.  There was a substantial amount of rust between the frame rails that required we remove the rails.  After cleaning the rails we treated them with rust grip according to the directions.  It was very easy to apply and when it dried, it was extremely hard and durable.  It completely encapsulated the rust and was smooth to the touch.  I would definitely use it again in the future and have recommended it to several other businesses.”

Norb Dotzel

Owner, Dotzel Trucking & Topsoil



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Rust Grip®

Longest Lasting Encapsulation And Rust Protection Paint

As a three-coats-in-one system, Rust Grip® acts as a primer, intermediate, and topcoat that strengthens surfaces to 6780 psi (473 bar) after fully curing (almost twice as hard as concrete – 3500 psi by comparison).  You can apply Rust Grip® directly over rusted surfaces or existing paint, with no white sandblasting required.  This significantly cuts costs and the time required to complete a project.  It’s rated at 15,000 hours on the ASTM B117 salt spray test – equivalent to 30 years of normal exposure.  Rust Grip® is one of the most effective rust preventive paints that you can use in the harshest salt / salt air (marine) environments.  More…

Moist Metal Grip

Superior Corrosion Protection For Wet, Buried, Or Submerged Metal

When surfaces are too wet to apply Rust Grip®, you can apply Moist Metal Grip, a durable two-part water repelling epoxy, directly to wet/dripping surfaces to prevent further surface corrosion.  You can use it for metal that will be under water and in areas prone to heavy water splashing/condensation.  Moist Metal Grip is also resistant to chemicals and solvents.  It cures with a self-leveling smooth finish that can be tinted to any color.  More…

Enamo Grip

Highly Durable Waterproof And UV Resistant Top Coat

A high performance, two-part industrial grade polyurethane enamel that is an excellent choice for a high quality top coat.  Enamo Grip has excellent gloss retention and is highly resistant to UV, fading, chalking, and impact.  It’s fully submergible and cures with a self leveling finish that can be tinted to any exact color specification or finish.  More…


How To Paint Over Rust FAQ

1. Can you paint over rust?

Yes, you can paint over rust as long as you use a high quality paint or primer that is specifically designed to encapsulate rust.  There are many lower cost (lower quality) consumer grade rust paints on the market that are designed to have you buy them over again in a relatively short period of time.  These should be avoided for projects that need long term performance or are exposed to harsher environments such as in coastal areas.  Rust converters can also be cheap shorter-term solutions but they just don’t have the durability of higher quality paints/coatings.  City/state government agencies never use them for painting bridges or other infrastructure projects where longevity is important.  Preparation is key to long lasting results for any project.  Generally speaking, the better the preparation, the more successful the application.

2. What type of preparation is necessary for your coatings?

At the minimum, any pack rust, heavy or loose rust, loose paint/chips, and mil scale need to be removed.  You can do this with wire brushes, angle grinders (with flap discs/cup brushes work well), needle guns, or basic scraping tools.  Also, remove any grease, oil or dirt as it will interfere with the adhesion of any paint/coating.  You can use standard degreasers, citrus cleaners, or by power washing.  For heavier, more pitted rust that can’t be removed, sandblasting may be recommended.

3. How important is salt removal? Will power washing do this?

As salt will accelerate the corrosion process under any new coat of paint, you need to remove it.  It also damages the resins of most paint.  Salt will be present on car/truck frames (road salt), or any metal exposed to exhaust or fertilizers.  It’s also present in the air near coastal/marine areas.  Removing salt can easily be done by adding a chloride bond breaker like Chlor-rid while power washing.  (All salts can’t be removed by high pressure power washing alone or even by sand blasting).   Therefore, when you remove salts prior to application, you will significantly extend the life cycle of any paint or coating that you use.

4. What is the best paint for rusted metal?

There are a lot of options on the market but there are some key specs to look for when selecting a paint or coating for steel.  Just look on the product data sheet.

  • Salt Spray Test (ASTM B117): This indicates corrosion resistance.  Most good coatings fall within the 2,000-4,000 hour range or better.  Higher numbers are better.  Some coatings like Rust Grip® are rated as high as 15,000 hours and are designed to be applied directly over rust and used in the harshest environments.
  • Adhesion (ASTM B4541): Should range from 600-1000 psi or higher.  More is better here.
  • Direct Impact Resistance (ASTM D2794): The range for this test is often between 100 in/lbs-150 in/lbs.  Higher numbers indicate greater strength and durability.
  • Abrasion Resistance (ASTM D4060): Measured as a weight loss per number of revolutions (usually 1,000) of a weighted wheel (500 or 1000 grams) on the coating.  The lower the weight loss in grams, the higher the abrasion resistance.
5. Aren’t most rust preventive coatings basically the same?

Like most things in life, you usually get what you pay for.  You can buy cheap “name brand” rust paint that may last 2-4 years (if you’re lucky).  Higher quality coatings can last 10-15 years or longer.  On a typical coating job, usually about 10% of the total cost is for the paint and about 90% is for the rest (labor, prep, cleanup, overhead, etc.).  So, for example, on a typical $5,000 job, about $500 pays for the paint and about $4,500 is for everything else.  And this all goes to your contractor.

Most contractors will use the cheapest materials they can find to cut costs.  Then they hope that they can do the whole job over for you again once the paint starts failing.  In conclusion, keep in mind, most contractors usually won’t recommend high quality paints since they don’t want to wait 10-15 years for your next call!

6. What Do We Recommend?

Rust Grip® is a 15+ year rust encapsulation coating that is designed to be applied directly onto rusted metal with minimal preparation.  It’s a 1-part coating that has been thoroughly tested and has been used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications that demanded long-term performance under the harshest conditions.  As a 1-coating system, it doesn’t need any additional primers or top coats but it can be top coated if a specific color is desired. 

While Rust Grip was originally designed for energy companies to use on rusted oil rigs while in operation in the middle of the ocean, it can be used to encapsulate and protect any rusted metal in the toughest (ex. marine/coastal) environments.  From structural steel to wrought iron to metal roofs, it’s one of the easiest and best ways to stop rust.  To learn more about Rust Grip, click here…

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