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Are you looking for the best paint for metal or structural steel?  Our industrial grade steel coatings are designed to be applied direct to metal (DTM), rusted carbon steel, galvanized steel, galvalume (or new metal).  You can use them for a wide range of interior or exterior applications and they don’t require sandblasting.  In cases where the integrity of the metal has been compromised, our coatings can actually bond to, and strengthen, rusted metal surfaces and inhibit corrosion for many years.

Our architectural grade top coats can be custom tinted, have unsurpassed semi-gloss/color retention, and have exceptional scuff/impact resistance.  They are also highly resistant to weathering, chemicals, and even acid exposure.  Whether you need protection from the harshest environments or a new long lasting finish in a high profile area, we have the right solution.               

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“We have been very pleased since discovering Rust Grip and implementing its use in our processes.  We market to a broad customer base, ranging from commercial structures and miscellaneous steel to industrial work.  We have been able to save our customers a lot of money by increasing efficiency through the usage of Rust Grip and by reducing the amount of galvanized and stainless steel used.  We have also been very impressed with the durability and aesthetics.  Our customers love it!”

Mark Farmer

Managing Member, Steeltech Industries, PA


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Rust Grip®

Longest Lasting Encapsulation And Rust Protection Paint

Can be applied directly over rusted metal/steel surfaces or existing paint, with no sandblasting required.  Its an excellent choice for protecting new metal as well.  Use it on any rusted or corroded structural steel, roofs, towers, steel railings, fire escapes, iron gates, I-beams, pipes, flashings, tanks, manufacturing equipment, or heavy machinery.  Rust Grip® is also ideal for stopping rust on truck frame rails, shipping containers, metal roofs, HVAC units,  or any worn galvanized steel.  As a three-coats-in-one system, Rust Grip® acts as a primer, intermediate, and topcoat with a single application.  With a 15,000 hour ASTM B117 salt spray test rating, Rust Grip® is one of the most effective rust and corrosion resistant coatings.  Especially in salt air (marine) environments.  More…

Moist Metal Grip 

Superior Corrosion Protection For Wet, Buried, Or Submerged Metal

When surfaces are too wet to apply Rust Grip®, Moist Metal Grip can be applied directly to metal to prevent further surface corrosion.  This water-repelling epoxy is ideal for condensating / sweating cold water pipes or any surface where constant water splash is a concern.  You can use Moist Metal Grip for metal that will be submerged under water or buried below grade.  It is also resistant to chemicals and solvents.  More…

Enamo Grip

Highly Durable Waterproof And UV Resistant Top Coat

A high performance, two-component architectural grade polyurethane enamel that is an excellent choice for a variety of surfaces.  Use it on metal roofs, railings, boats, stairwells, fire escapes, pipes, equipment, or submerged structures.  Enamo Grip is self leveling and can be tinted to any exact color or finish.  More…

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