How Rust Grip Strengthens A Deteriorated Bridge

How does Rust Grip increase the strength of a deteriorated bridge or concrete surface:

When the surface (metal) deteriorates from weathering, salts and acids, the surface will pit and show hairline cracks that open voids inside the metal surface, bolts, joints and braces. This openings from cracks and voids weakens the structural strength of the metal.

The concrete supports and standards are affected by Delayed Ettringite Formation. After only 6 months of aging in heat and weathering, there is a form of internal sulfate attack. The sulfate concentration in the pore liquid is high for an unusually long period of time in the hardened concrete. Eventually, the sulfate reacts with calcium-and aluminium-containing phases of the cement paste and the cement paste expands. Due to this expansion empty cracks (gaps) are formed around aggregates. The cracks may remain empty or later be partly or even completely filled with ettringite. When the ettringite fills and expands, this further cracks and opens voids in the concrete that weakens the structural strength of the concrete.

RUST GRIP strengthens the structural strength by penetrating deep into the pores, cracks and voids to fill and then seal these areas. Only after 3 weeks of cure (see ASTM E 1795 pg 5 of testing) the RUST GRIP becomes nearly 7000 psi surface tensile strength. After 4 months, it can reach up to 12,000 psi which acts to weld together the voids and cracks. This reaction forms a solid binder for all cracks and voids to solidify and make the surface stronger than when first built ( as in irregular pours for concrete as described above and metal voids). This is how RUST GRIP strengthens a surface to more than it’s original tensile strength.

DOT of Georgia found this to be the purpose of the RUST GRIP when applied over a bridge that strengthened to double it’s original strength after being coated over both the concrete supports and metal structure. To back up this finding, Parsons Brinckerhoff Contructions Services, the leading bridge design and building group in the US, called and serveyed the engineers with the DOT and found the results were correct. Over 100 years old, Parsons Brinckerhoff designed New York City’s first subway line and stretched a railroad across China. As mentioned, Parsons Brinckerhoff has grown into one of the world’s leading planning, engineering, program and construction management, and operations and maintenance firms providing infrastructure on six continents. Having their engineers prove the facts of the DOT vertifed the results obtained by using the RUST GRIP to strengthen the bridge. (

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