Super Therm®

Super Therm®: Heat Reflective Thermal Ceramic Paint

Super Therm® is a ceramic, water-based, heat reflective thermal coating designed to block solar heat, heat load, moisture, and air from reaching a surface.  The net effect can significantly reduce energy costs making it an ideal solution for many applications.  You can use Super Therm® to insulate and reduce heat for: metal warehouse/storage buildings, shingle and metal roofs, HVAC housings, ducts, air intakes, shipping containers, quonset huts, sheds, refrigerated trucks, animal trailers, condensation reduction, and more.

HVAC Unit Coated With Super Therm    Air Intake Uncoated – 160.9°F             Coated with Super Therm – 90.2°F

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Super Therm® contains 4 unique ceramics to block as much as 95% of the three radiation sources from the sun (99% of Ultra Violet Radiation (UV), 92% of Visual Light, 99.5% of Infrared).       

It absorbs almost no solar or convective heat.  A minimal application thickness of 1/100th inch (10 mils dft) effectively blocks heat transfer and repels it from the surface.  Super Therm® is a flexible insulation coating with low permeability that can greatly extend the useful life of a roof by reducing expansion and contraction (material fatigue) of the substrates.  When applied to metal surface, it prevents condensation, corrosion, and surface deterioration as well as keeping it cool while in direct sunlight.

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Major corporations around the world have applied Super Therm® to the exterior roofs and walls of their plants to insulate, weatherize, and reflect heat off of them.White-Roof-Application  It has a proven 20+ year history of lowering energy use (HVAC) inside a structure by up to 70%.  This results in substantial savings on monthly energy costs.  Using Super Therm® on refrigerated trucks can also result in significant cost savings.  Qualified as a 20 year cool roof coating by ENERGY STAR, Super Therm® is the most effective and longest lasting ceramic insulation coating on the market.  We are authorized distributors for Super Therm® and ship it throughout the US. 

“Just wanted to let you know that the Super Therm coating is 100% successful. The outdoor temperature has been around 80 to 84 degrees and I am working in the workshop in complete comfort without any air conditioning!! Thank you for all your help in making sure it was applied correctly, and you can be sure I am letting everyone know what a great product you have. All the best, Brian.”
Brian Webb

Port S. Lucie, FL

Super Therm Benefits

  • Energy savings of 20-70% depending on use and application. Greater savings can be seen with cooler buildings and freezers.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Super Therm is certified environmentally safe and eco-effective by MBDC LLC (Cradle to Cradle certification – Gold Certificate) and is approved by the USDA for use in and around food preparation areas.
  • UL, FM, ABS and USDA approved
  • Low VOC water based coating, 21 grams/liter
  • The only ceramic coating rated as an insulator by BOCA (U.S. Building Code).
  • Reflects 68% of sound waves that contact it.
  • Creates a moisture-resistant barrier to resist condensation, mold and mildew (ASTM D 7088;9/10 per Buckman Laboratories)
  • ICC approved, CRCC Listing – selected Energy Star® with only a 0.6% drop in three years (less than 1% loss of reflectivity on the same roof area after three years weathering)
  • Energy Star qualified as a 20 year cool roof coating.
  • Class A fire rating. In case of fire, Super Therm will help to prevent spread of, and will not contribute to, the burn.
  • Approved Water barrier under ASTM testing D6904 and D7088.

Temperature of Coatings and Other Materials in Sunlight - Super Therm

Super Therm Uses

Commercial, Industrial, and Residential:

  • Reduces energy costs and increases comfort by coating roofs and exterior walls to keep heat out during the summer
  • Keeps shipping containers / ISBU’s (Intermodal Steel Building Units), container homes, or converted work / storage spaces cool while in direct sun
  • Reduces risk of condensation and corrosion on HVAC systems and cold water pipes
  • Insulate air conditioning unit outer casings to prevent reductions in efficiency due to heat build up inside the housing
  • Insulates oil and gas storage tanks to prevent evaporation and heat build-up
  • Insulates freezers or refrigeration units to protect goods and reduce costs
  • Reduces fuel consumption with refrigerated trucks
  • Protects goods by insulating long haul trailers designed to carry perishables
  • Provides a fire-resistant coating for substrates. Super Therm has a “0″ fire and smoke spread and will not contribute to flame
  • Insulates concrete decking around swimming pools to provide a cool sitting and walking surface

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Super Therm: Proof that Super Therm Outperforms Traditional Insulation

The ASTM C-236 Heat Transfer (Guarded Hot Box) test was performed with Super Therm to determine the BTU/in./sq.ft/hour/F and conductivity performance of Super Therm so that a comparison could be made with traditional insulation. Since this test, many facts have come to light concerning the test methods and procedures used by the traditional insulation industry to demonstrate insulation (R) rating.

Super Therm vs. Traditional Insulation

These results are astounding! Super Therm is 296% more effective than traditional insulation under identical conditions and shown to be stable all day in field studies by Sony, UPS and others.

* Tested by Owens Corning Insulation for Mechanical Systems 2002.

Super Therm FAQ

1. What is the difference between Super Therm® and other white reflective roof coatings?
Many other reflective coatings on the market reflect only visible light (40% of heat load) and become relatively ineffective when they get dirty in as little as 1 -2 years. Super Therm® reflects 95% of ALL heat energy including infrared, ultra violet, and visible light. The ceramic composition of Super Therm® blocks the transfer of remaining heat from loading on to the building substrate therefore requiring considerably less energy to keep the building cool. Super Therm® has been thoroughly tested and only loses .6% (less than 1%) of its reflectivity after 3 years of weathering.
2. How can Super Therm® extend the life of a roof aside from just coating it?
Since Super Therm® can dramatically decrease the temperature of a roof substrate, there will be significantly less expansion and contraction of roof materials when the substrate cools down. This will substantially reduce substrate “fatigue” which over time causes cracks and ultimately failure.
3. Can Super Therm® be used for flat roofing?
Super Therm® creates an energy efficient flat roof when used in a multi-layer system with Super-Base (HS) and Mastic Sealing Tape. Use Enamo Grip or SP Seal Coat as a top coat. Super Therm® can be applied directly over foam.
4. Are there any current formulas and related ASTM testing to correctly test the effects of a ceramic coating used as insulation?
No. All current testing procedures in recognized laboratories are based on substrates and materials that offer a required minimum of thickness of 1 inch and assess only conductive heat transfer. The dry thickness of Super Therm® is 8 dry mils or 8/1000 inch. The current formulas and equations are not adapted to such thin levels of insulation materials and do not consider radiational or convective heat transfer, moisture migration, air movement or surface emissivity. “Heat Load” is the key to heat absorption and then transfer. If heat load is reduced, then the amount of heat “available” for transfer is reduced and therefore affects conduction of heat which is the only measurement std utl measure.
5. Can Super Therm® be applied to metal? Wood? Other surfaces?

Super Therm® can be applied to a variety of surfaces on its own or with Super Base (HS) or SP Primer as a base coat for sealing.
Surfaces include:
1. Aged or Peppered Steel and Aluminum – apply directly
2. Wood – prime with Super Base (HS)
3. Rusty surfaces – prime with Rust Grip®
4. Very dark surfaces – prime with Super Base (HS)
5. Tar – prime with Super Base (HS)
6. Polyurethane foam – prime with Super Base (HS)
7. Concrete – prime with Rust Grip® or Super Base (HS).
8. Damaged concrete – clean and strengthen the concrete with SP Interlock and Rust Grip® before application
9. Wet surfaces – apply top coat of Enamo Grip or SP Seal Coat

6. How is Super Therm® sold?
Super Therm® is sold in 5 gallon and 1 gallon cans.

Super Therm® Documentation

Unique Home insulated exclusively with Super Therm®!
Field Testing – Actual Energy Savings
Super Therm® Certifications-Lab Tests
For the most updated Super Therm Tech Data Sheet, Application Instructions, and SDS Sheet, please contact us. 

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