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Are you looking for the best paint for shipping containers / conex boxes?  By using the right paint and coatings you can prevent rust & corrosion and extend the life of your shipping containers, container home, ISBU (Intermodal Steel Building Unit), or workspace, while getting a great finished look that will last for years.  Our anti corrosion coatings can actually bond to, and strengthen, rusted or corroded metal surfaces.  You can even use our coatings to patch up rusted holes (see the third video in the video section).

Concerned about heat when your container is in direct sun?  Our Energy Star 20 year rated insulation coatings will block and reflect heat to keep the surfaces cool while taking up no space.  Ideal for insulating shipping container homes, converted workspaces, or storage units.

Our architectural grade top coats can be custom tinted and have unsurpassed semi-gloss/color retention.  They also have exceptional scuff/impact resistance.

Super Therm Insulation Paint For Shipping Container Home
New Painted Shipping Container


  • Rust Grip® – Can applied directly over rusted metal surfaces or existing paint, with no sandblasting required.  As a three-coats-in-one system, Rust Grip® acts as a primer, intermediate, and topcoat that strengthens to 6780 psi (473 bar) when fully cured. (Almost twice as hard as concrete – 3500 psi by comparison).    With a 15,000 hour salt spray test rating, Rust Grip® is one of the most effective anti-rust/anti-corrosion coatings you can use on shipping containers / conex boxes.  Especially in salt air, marine, and coastal environments.  More…
  • Enamo Grip – A high performance, two-part architectural grade polyurethane enamel top coat that is an excellent choice for shipping containers / conex boxes when a high quality architectural grade finish is needed.  It has excellent gloss retention and is highly resistant to UV, scuffing, and chalking .  Enamo Grip is self leveling and can be tinted to any color.  More…

  • Super Therm® – Is one of the most cost effective coatings you can use to insulate a shipping container home or workspace.  With its combination of 4 unique ceramic compounds, Super Therm® can effectively block heat in a coating only 10 mils (1/100 inch) thick.  It is resistant to water, mold, mildew, fire (Class A fire rating) and is certified environmentally safe by MBD LLC.   Super Therm is an ENERGY STAR qualified 20 year all weather insulation coating.    More…

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