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Are you looking for the best paint for shipping containers / conex boxes?  By using the right paint and coatings you can prevent rust & corrosion and extend the life of your shipping containers, container home, ISBU (Intermodal Steel Building Unit), or workspace, while getting a great finished look that will last for years.  Our anti corrosion coatings can actually bond to, and strengthen, rusted or corroded metal surfaces.  You can even use our coatings to patch up rusted holes (see the third video in the video section).

Concerned about heat when your container is in direct sun?  Our solar heat reflective coatings will block and reflect heat to keep the surfaces cool while taking up no space.  Ideal for shipping container homes, converted workspaces, or storage units.

Our architectural grade top coats can be custom tinted and have unsurpassed semi-gloss/color retention.  They also have exceptional scuff/impact resistance.

Super Therm Insulation Paint For Shipping Container Home
New Painted Shipping Container



  • Rust Grip® – Can applied directly over rusted metal surfaces or existing paint, with no sandblasting required.  As a three-coats-in-one system, Rust Grip® acts as a primer, intermediate, and topcoat that strengthens to 6780 psi (473 bar) when fully cured. (Almost twice as hard as concrete – 3500 psi by comparison).    With a 15,000 hour salt spray test rating, Rust Grip® is one of the most effective anti-rust/anti-corrosion coatings you can use on shipping containers / conex boxes.  Especially in salt air, marine, and coastal environments.  More…
  • Enamo Grip – A high performance, two-part architectural grade polyurethane enamel top coat that is an excellent choice for shipping containers / conex boxes when a high quality architectural grade finish is needed.  It has excellent gloss retention and is highly resistant to UV, scuffing, and chalking .  Enamo Grip is self leveling and can be tinted to any color.  More…
  • Super Therm® – Our flagship solar heat reflective ceramic coating that keeps roofs, walls and all surfaces of your container cool while in direct overhead sun.  It’s an Energy Star Rated 20 year coating that reflects up to 95% of solar radiational heat and blocks heat load.  More…


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Shipping Container Painting FAQ

1. What is the best way to paint a shipping container / conex box that has rust?
  • Preparation is important. Remove any heavy/loose rust, loose paint, paint chips, etc. so that at a minimum, surfaces are brought to a combination of tight surface rust, some bare metal, and  firmly bonded.  As almost all shipping containers have been exposed to salt, power wash with a salt remover.  Power washing alone will not remove all salts from the metal.  Even traces of salt will accelerate corrosion under all paints.
  • Areas where there is rust, bare metal, or cracked paint can be spot primed, encapsulated, and locked down with Rust Grip.
  • As Rust Grip has aluminum in it, is light grey with a matte finish. If you are looking for pure corrosion protection and the look new metal, Rust Grip is all you need.  It is designed to perform on its own as a 1 coating system and is fully UV stable.
  • If you have a particular color in mind, you can top coat Rust Grip or clean firmly bonded existing paint with Enamo Grip. Enamo Grip which is a very hard enamel urethane can be custom tinted to any exact color specification or finish.
2. What do I need for a container doesn’t have any rust but I just want to change the color?

For older containers where the paint is aged/faded but fully intact with no rust bleeding, or peeling, Enamo Grip can be applied right over it. If the container is relatively new with some sheen, you’ll need to rough up/lightly sand the surfaces for profile and power wash.  Enamo Grip can be easily brushed, rolled, or sprayed on.

3. What color top coats are available?

As many commercial and industrial users are very particular about the colors they use, Enamo Grip, our architectural/industrial grade enamel urethane top coat, is often custom tinted and finished to an exact specification or spectrometer matched to a competitors color/finish. We have some standard colors in stock as well.

4. Are your coatings fade resistant for containers that are in direct sun?

Rust Grip and Enamo Grip are fully UV stable and highly resistant to fading, chalking, or peeling. They are designed for industrial and commercial applications under the harshest (such as marine) conditions. 

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