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Are you looking for the best marine grade paint for metal?  By using the right high performance coatings to prevent rust and corrosion, you can significantly extend the useful life of your boats, barges, pontoons, transport equipment, boat trailers, I-beams, docks, bulkheads, bridges, waste water clarifiers, or other metal structures in any salt air or salt water marine environment.  Our marine paints have some of the highest salt corrosion resistance ratings in the market. (As high as 15,000 hours on the ASTM B117 salt spray test).  You can apply our marine coatings directly over rusted metal or steel and they don’t require sandblasting.

When the integrity of the metal has been compromised, our coatings can bond to, and strengthen, rusted metal surfaces, therefore inhibiting corrosion for many years.  Our waterproof corrosion coatings can protect metal / steel that will be underwater or exposed to constant high humidity.  Whether your project is above or below the waterline, we have your solution!

Rust Grip Marine Paint On Boat Deck
Rust Grip Marine Paint On Metal Boat Deck
Rust Grip Marine Paint On Bridge

Marine Painting Projects

Rust Grip®, Moist Metal Grip and Enamo Grip were all used to coat the Blue Chip Chip Casino II (below).  In 2006, it was the largest casino boat in the world.  As Rust Grip® can be applied over tight surface rust, by eliminating the need to sandblast, over $2 million was saved on the project.

Rust Grip is first applied to encapsulate tight surface rust. It soaks in to the pores of the metal, gasses out trapped oxygen, and creates an air vapor barrier that dries about twice as hard as concrete. Moist Metal Grip, our marine grade corrosion resistant water-repelling epoxy is applied over the Rust Grip to completely water seal the surface. Enamo Grip, our waterproof UV resistant enamel urethane, is applied over Moist Metal Grip as a top coat for a hard durable finish.

This project was completed by January of 2006 and was later inspected in 2019.  After more than 13 years in the water, the coatings were still fully intact with no problems. This 3 coating system is an excellent choice for long-term performance on on the exteriors of metal boats, docks, and structures that will be submerged in salt or fresh water.

Rust Grip On Flash Rust - Blue Chip Casino Boat
Blue Chip Casino Boat - Before Painting
Blue Chip Casino Boat - After Painting With Rust Grip, Moist Metal Grip, Enamo Grip

Here’s an example of how you can give a new life to an older steel barge.  After prep, this barge was painted with Rust Grip®, Moist Metal Grip, and Enamo Grip (3 coat barge paint system).

When painting areas above the waterline like decks, railings, stairs, walls, etc., Rust Grip® is strong enough to be used on its own; no other primers or top coats are required.  If a specific color is desired, you can top coat Rust Grip with Enamo Grip.

older barge - barge painting before
barge paint project - after - Rust Grip, Moist Metal Grip, Enamo Grip
best paint for a barge - after - Rust Grip, Moist Metal Grip, Enamo Grip
Our 3-coating system is an excellent choice for any exterior (or interior) metal or concrete that may be fully submerged such as docks, retaining walls, and waste water clarifiers.

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“We have been in the steel barge construction and repair for more than 20 years and normally we sand blast and prep the steel before coating.  Some compartments on older barges we can’t blast and prep properly.  That’s when we use Rust Grip.  We are very pleased with this product.”

Gerald Morrison

President, Morrison Manufacturing Inc., ME

Warren County PennDOT is very pleased with the performance of Rust Grip with our numerous projects throughout the spring and fall.  Not only were we satisfied with the product, but the customer service and price was unbeatable.  Looking forward to ordering more Rust Grip next spring!”

Edward Dorunda

Project Manager, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, PA

Rust Grip® is  a great all around marine grade maintenance coating for interiors or exteriors.  It can be easily applied with a brush, roller, or sprayer and as a 1-part, 1 coating system, you won’t need any other coatings.  This shortens project times and reduces your maintenance costs.  You can use Rust Grip® to encapsulate rust or over firmly bonded paint on floors, walls, decks, doors, beams, and more.  It’s a highly effective paint for barges and boats used in fresh or salt water.  Here’s an example of application on the floor of a metal boat:

Metal Boat Floor Application - Before - Rust Grip Paint
Metal Boat Floor Application - Rust Grip Encapsulation Paint
Metal Boat Floor Application - After - Rust Grip Paint


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Rust Grip®

Longest Lasting Rust Prevention and Corrosion Encapsulating Paint

As a three-coats-in-one system, Rust Grip® acts as a primer, intermediate, and topcoat that strengthens to 6780 psi when fully cured (almost twice as hard as concrete).  You can apply it directly over rusted metal, steel surfaces, or firm existing paint, with no white sandblasting required.  With a 15,000 hour salt spray test (ASTM B117) rating, Rust Grip® is one of the most effective anti-rust / anti-corrosion paint for barges and boats.  Especially in salt water / salt air marine environments.  More…

Moist Metal Grip 

Superior Corrosion Protection For Wet Or Submerged Metal

When surfaces are too wet to apply Rust Grip®, Moist Metal Grip, our water repelling epoxy, can be applied directly to prevent further surface corrosion.  It is ideal for metal exposed to submersion (boat bottom paint), heavy condensation, or where constant water splash is a concern.  You can use Moist Metal Grip for metal that will be underwater, buried, or below grade.  It is also resistant to chemicals and solvents.  More…

Enamo Grip

Strong Durable Waterproof And UV Resistant Top Coat

A high performance, fully waterproof two-part marine grade polyurethane enamel coating that is an excellent choice for a variety of applications.  You can use it on boats, railings, stairwells, pipes, walls, or submerged structures.  Enamo Grip is self leveling and can be tinted to any exact color specification or finish.  Our Enamo Grip SAS formulation provides a slick surface to resist barnacles and algae from attaching on to boat hulls.  More…

Super Therm® 

Thermal Heat Reflective Coating That Blocks More Than 95% Of Solar Heat

Our solar heat reflective ceramic coating can be used for a wide range of applications. The ceramics in Super Therm block infrared, UV, and visible light from heating a surface and keeping it cool while in direct overhead sun.  More…

Marine Paint FAQ

1. What is the best way to paint barges, metal boats, or vessels that have rust?
  • Preparation is important: Remove heavy/loose rust, loose paint, scale, etc. so that at a minimum, surfaces are brought to a combination of tight surface rust, firmly bonded paint, and some bare metal. Power wash with a salt remover as power washing alone will not remove all salts – even for fresh/brackish water as it can contain small amounts of salt.
  • For fully or partially submerged areas (hull, sides, bottom, etc.), after preparation, we recommend 1 coat of: Rust Grip, Moist Metal Grip, and Enamo Grip.
  • As Rust Grip can encapsulated tight surface rust and firmly bonded commercial paint, white sandblasting is not required. If surfaces are more heavily rusted or deeply pitted, a commercial blast may be recommended.
  • Moist Metal Grip, a water-repelling epoxy, will provide additional corrosion resistance and submersion protection.
  • Enamo Grip which is also waterproof, will provide full UV protection for Moist Metal Grip. Enamo Grip can be custom tinted to any exact color specification; some standard colors are available.
  • An additional advantage to using a system like this is that each coating can be a different color and thin spots during the application can be easily seen. This will help ensure an even application at the correct thickness for maximum protection.
2. What do I need to paint a rusted deck, railings, metal walls, or other metal areas of a boat above the waterline?

After basic preparation (see above FAQ), you can encapsulate metal with tight surface rust with just Rust Grip.  As Rust Grip has aluminum in it, it is light grey with a matte finish.  If you are looking for any other color, Enamo Grip can be applied over Rust Grip.  Non-slip additives can be added to both coatings if desired.

3. What paint works best for metal structures on or near salt water?

On projects for bridges, marinas, docks, retaining walls, or for heavy equipment/cranes, or structural steel, for pure corrosion protection, Rust Grip is an excellent option. It has one of the highest salt resistance ratings of any marine paint (rated 15,000 hours on the ASTM B117 salt spray test).  If the metal is above the waterline, Rust Grip can be used as a stand-alone 1-coating system.  For areas that will be buried, below the waterline, or if a specific color is desired, use a water repelling epoxy such as Moist Metal Grip or a waterproof UV resistant coating like Enamo Grip depending on the type of application.


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